Origin: Germanic

Meaning: a variant of Amalia, which is the Latinized form of Germanic Amala meaning “work” from Germanic element amal (work), connoting ideas of industriousness and fertility.. It’s often been confused with Aemilia which comes from an entirely different source and has an entirely different meaning.

As well as being a female given name, Amelia is also a surname.


  • Amalia (English, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Dutch, German)
  • Amala (Germanic)
  • Emelia (English)
  • Amilia (English)
  • Amalie (German)
  • Amelie (German)
  • Amelina (Ancient Germanic)
  • Amalija (Lithuanian, Slovene, Croatian)
  • Amálie (Czech)
  • Amélie (French)
  • Émeline (French)
  • Amália (Hungarian, Portuguese, Slovak)
  • Amélia (Portuguese)
  • Emmeline (English)
  • Emmalyn (English)
  • Emmaline



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