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Origin: Germanic

Meaning: Harold is a modern form of Old English Hereweald meaning “army leader” or “army ruler” from Old English here (army) and weald (leader, ruler, power) which ultimately come from Ancient Germanic elements hari (army) and wald (leader, ruler, power).

As well as being a given name, Harold is also a surname derived from the same source.

Nicknames include: Harry or Hal.


  • Hereweald (Old English)
  • Haraldr (Ancient Scandinavian)
  • Harald (Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German)
  • Haraldur (Icelandic)
  • Chariovalda (Ancient Germanic)
  • Hariwald (Ancient Germanic)
  • Aroldo (Italian)
  • Haroldo (Portuguese, Spanish)



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