Arianna is the Italian form of Ariadne, a Greek name meaning “most holy” from Cretan Greek elements ari (most) and adnos (holy). In Greek mythology, Ariadne helped the hero Theseus beat the Labyrinth of the Minotaur though he later repaid her kindness by leaving her behind on an island while she was sleeping. She was later found by the god Dionysios who made her his bride, and in some versions of the story she was later made immortal.

Origin: Greek



  • Ariana (English)
  • Aryana (English)
  • Ariadne (Greek)
  • Ariadna (Spanish, Catalan, Russian, Polish)
  • Arijana (Croatian)
  • Ariane (French, German, Dutch)
  • Arianne (French)
  • Arienne (French)




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