Hebrew, Male, S names, Virtues/Attributes


Sean is the Anglicized form of Seán, the Irish form of John which means “Yahweh is gracious”. It’s pronounced shawn for those not familiar of the spelling of the name (I know I mispronounced it when I was younger).

Origin: Hebrew



  • Seán (Irish)
  • Shawn (English)
  • Shaun
  • Shayne (English)
  • Shane (Irish, English)
  • Deshaun (English)
  • Deshawn (English)
  • Rashaun (English)
  • Keshaun (English)
  • Lashawn (English)


Female forms:

  • Seana (Irish, English)
  • Seán (Irish)
  • Shawna (English)
  • Shauna (English)
  • Lashawn (English)


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