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Yuri is a variant trancription of Yuriy, the Russian and Ukrainian form of George, the English form of Greek Georgios meaning “farmer, earthworker” from ge (earth) and ergon (work).

Yuri is also a Japanese female name meaning “lily” though there could be other meanings depending on the kanji used, as well as also being a Korean female name with various meanings depending on the hanja used. According to Wikipedia, there are 62 hanja that can be used with the reading “yu” and 26 hanja for “ri” so that is a lot of meanings. One meaning is “glass” though it comes froma  Korean word known as hangeul, which is based on the Korean language rather than hanja, which uses Chinese characters.

Origin: Greek, Japanese, Korean


Female variants:

  • Yu-ri (Korean)
  • Yoo-ri (Korean)
  • You-ri (Korean)


Male forms:

  • Yuriy (Russian, Ukrainian)


Yuri (Hangeul) 유리 “glass”


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