Earth, Elements, Emotion/Feelings, Etruscan, G names, Greek, Joy, Latin, Male, Nature


Gaius is a Roman given name though one of uncertain etymology. It could be derived from Latin gaudere meaning “to rejoice”. It’s also possible that it might be derived from Gaia, a feminine name meaning “earth” in Greek, or perhaps from an Etruscan source that has long since lost its meaning. Apparently it was a very common given name to the point that it became a generic term for a man, with Gaia being a generic term for a woman, as well as being used in marriage ceremonies- ex: “where you are Gaius, I am Gaia”.

Origin: Latin, Greek, Etruscan



  • Caius (Ancient Roman)
  • Gaios (Ancient Greek)
  • Caio (Portugese)
  • Gaioz (Georgian)
  • Kajus (Lithuanian)


Female forms:

  • Gaia (Ancient Roman, Ancient Greek)
  • Caia (Ancient Roman)



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