Agnes is the Latinized form of Hagnea Greek female name meaning “pure, chaste” from Greek hagnos (pure, chaste). The name later became associated with Latin agnus meaning “lamb” because of a virgin-martyr who died for her faith in ancient Rome, even though the name has nothing to do with it.

Nicknames: Aggie

Origin: Greek



  • Hagne (Ancient Greek)
  • Hagno (Ancient Greek)
  • Annis (Medieval English)
  • Annice (English)
  • Agneta (Swedish)
  • Agnetha (Swedish, Norwegian, Danish)
  • Agnete (Danish)
  • Agnethe (Danish)
  • Inés (Spanish)
  • Inez (English)
  • Agnese (Italian, Latvian)
  • Ines (Italian, Slovene, Croatian)
  • Agneza (Croatian)
  • Oanez (Breton)
  • Agnessa (Russian)
  • Nesta (Welsh)
  • Nest (Welsh)
  • Agnesa (Slovak)



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