Jacqueline is the French feminine form of Jacques, which is the French form of Jacob or James which both come from the same source, Hebrew given name Ya’aqov meaning “holder of the heel” or “supplanter”.

Nicknames: Jackie/Jacky/Jacqui, Jack

Origin: Hebrew



  • Jacklyn (English)
  • Jaclyn (English)
  • Jacquelyn (English)
  • Jackalyn (English)
  • Jaquelyn (English)
  • Jacquette (French)
  • Jacquetta (French)
  • Zhaklina (Macedonian, Bulgarian)
  • Žaklina (Croatian, Serbian)
  • Żaklina (Polish)
  • Jacobine (Norwegian, Danish, Dutch)
  • Jacoba (Dutch)
  • Jacobina (Dutch)
  • Jacomina (Dutch)
  • Giacoma (Italian)
  • Giacomina (Italian)
  • Jamesina (English)


Male forms:

  • Jacques (French)
  • Jacob (English, Hebrew, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish)
  • James (English)



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