Greek, J names, Male, Virtues/Attributes


Jerome is the English form of Hieronymus, a Greek male name meaning “sacred name” from Greek hieros (sacred) and onuma (name).

Nicknames: Jerry

Origin: Greek



  • Hieronymos (Ancient Greek)
  • Hieronymus (Ancient Greek, Dutch, German)
  • Jeronim (Croatian, Albanian)
  • Geronim (English)
  • Gérôme (French)
  • Jeroen (Dutch)
  • Jérôme (French)
  • Geronimo (English, Spanish)
  • Gerónimo (Spanish)
  • Jerónimo (Spanish, Portuguese)
  • Jerônimo (Brazilian Portuguese)
  • Ieronimus (Medieval Latin)
  • Gerolamo (Italian)
  • Girolamo (Italian)
  • Geronimus (Latin)
  • Jeronimus (Latin)


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