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Kenan (pr. kee-nan) is a Hebrew male name possibly meaning “possession” in Hebrew, though it’s possible that it comes from the same root word as Cain either derived from a Hebrew root word qanah meaning “acquired” or “acquisition”, or from qayin meaning “spear” or “smith”.

Kenan might also possibly be an anglicized spelling of Cianán, an Irish male diminutive of Cían meaning “ancient” from Old Irish cían (long, distant, lasting). As a surname, Kenan orignates from Cianán.

Origin: Hebrew, Irish



  • Keenan (English)
  • Cían (Irish)
  • Cian (Irish, English)
  • Cianan (Irish, English)
  • Cianán (Irish, English)
  • Kainan (Biblical Greek)
  • Keinan (Biblical Hebrew)
  • Cainan (Biblical Latin)




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