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Erragal is a Mespotamian (Sumerian and Akkadian) god of the underworld. The origin of the name is uncertain though there are several theories:

  • it could be a combination of Erra and Sumerian gal (great) meaning “Erra the great”; Erra being the Mesopotamian god of war, plagues, and the bringer of pestilence who was later assimilated with Nergal. Although the etymology behind Erra is unknown, it has been linked from a Semitic root meaning “to scorch” or “to char” though that theory doesn’t seem to be universally accepted;
  • Erragal could also be a variant of Nergal, also a Mesopotamian god of death, pestilence, war, and plague and the lord of the underworld. From what I could find, his name might possibly mean “dunghill cock”.

Erragal may also have been the source for Heracles.

Origin: Sumerian, Semitic



  • Nergal
  • Nerigal
  • Nirgal
  • Erra


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