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Foy comes from a surname with several possible meanings and origins:

  • it may be derived from Old French foi or from Latin fides meaning “faith”, either used as a nickname for someone who was a pious person or someone who often swore;
  • it may also be a medieval French female name also derived from Foy (or Faith); 
  • it may also be an anglicized of Irish surname Fahey, which comes from Gaelic Ó Fathaidh meaning “descendant of Fathadh”, the latter being a male given name meaning “foundation, base”;
  • it may also be a variant of O’Fee, also an Irish surname, the anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Fiaich meaning “descendant of Fiach”, the latter meaning “raven”.

Origin: Latin, Gaelic



  • Foi (Old French)


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