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Orlando is the Italian form of Roland, a Germanic male name meaning “famous land” or “fame land” composed from Germanic elements hrod (fame) and land (land), though it’s possible that the second part of the name may derived from nand meaning “brave, daring”. It’s the name of a city in Florida as well as a surname derived from the given name and the name of a character in Shakespeare’s As You Like It (1599/1600).

Origin: Germanic



  • Roland (English, French, German, Swedish, Dutch, Hungarian)
  • Rolland (English)
  • Rowland (English)
  • Roeland (Dutch)
  • Rolando (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese)
  • Roldão (Portuguese)
  • Rolan (Russian)
  • Roldán (Spanish)
  • Loránd (Hungarian)
  • Lóránt (Hungarian)
  • Hrodland (Ancient Germanic)


Female forms:

  • Orlanda (Italian)
  • Rolande (French)



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