Guinevere is the wife of King Arthur who was in love with Lancelot and whose affair led to her husband’s downfall. Guinevere is the Norman French form of Gwenhwyfar, made up of Proto-Celtic *windos (fair, white, blessed) and sebara (specter, phantom, demon, spirit, magical being), so the name essentially means “fair phantom”, “white phantom” or “white magical being”.

Nicknames: Gwen, Gwennie/Gwenny

Origin: Proto-Celtic



  • Guenevere
  • Gwenhwyfar (Welsh)
  • Gwenevere
  • Gwynnever
  • Guenièvre (French)
  • Gweniver (Breton)
  • Jennifer (Cornish, English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Spanish)
  • Jenifer (English, Cornish)
  • Ginevra (Italian)
  • Gaenor (Welsh)
  • Gaynor (English)
  • Guanhumara (Latin)


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