Rose is the name of a flower which derives from Latin rosa meaning “rose” via Greek rhodon (rose) which may ultimately be derived from Persian *wrda- (rose), though it may also derive from Proto-Indo-European *wṛdho- meaning “sweetbriar”. Rose was also originally the Norman form of Germanic names beginning with hrod meaning “fame”, originally spelled Rohese or Roese. Rose is also a short form of names like Rosamund, Rosaline or Rosalind, in which case the first part of the name comes from Germanic hros meaning “horse”. Rose is also a surname, derived as a place name for someone who lived near where roses grew or as a nickname for someone with a rosy complexion.

Origin: Persian, Proto-Indo-European, Germanic



  • Rosa (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, German, English)
  • Roza (Ancient Germanic, Russian, Slovene, Bulgarian, Macedonian)
  • Rosalia (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Late Roman)
  • Rozalia (Polish, Romanian)
  • Rosalie (French, German, Dutch, English)
  • Rosalee (English)
  • Rosamund (English)
  • Rosalind (English)
  • Rosaline (English)
  • Rosie (English)


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