Naomi (pr. nay-o-mee or nie-o-mee in English; pr. na-o-mee in Japanese)  is a female given name with two separate origins. The first is that it derives from Hebrew meaning “pleasantness”. It’s also a Japanese unisex name with a variety of meanings depending on the kanji used:

  • “straight; honest +beauty; beautiful” (直美); feminine
  • “esteem + beauty; beautiful” (尚美); feminine
  • “straight; honest + reality; truth” (直実); feminine
  • “esteem + reality; truth” (尚実); feminine
  • “Nara; what? + thong; beginning; inception; end; cord; strap + beauty; beautiful” (奈緒美); –feminine
  • “Nara; what? + at; in; on; as for + beauty; beautiful” (奈於美)- feminine
  • “esteem + self” (尚己)-male
  • “straight; honest + self” (直己); -male

Written in hiragana it’s なおみ (Naomi).

Origin: Hebrew, Japanese



  • Noemi (Italian, German, Czech, Biblical Latin)
  • Noémie (French)
  • Noemin (Biblical Greek)
  • Na’omi (Biblical Hebrew)
  • Noémi (Hungarian)
  • Noémia (Portuguese)
  • Noêmia (Brazilian Portuguese)
  • Noemí (Spanish)
  • Nohemi (Spanish)


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