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Leon derives from Greek leon meaning “lion” and is the Latin cognate of Leo. Leon is also a surname which may derive from the given name, originally a nickname for someone who was a fierce warrior, though it may also derive from the name of a city in Spain, León, which may come from Latin legio meaning “legion” since it was originally a military encampment for the Roman legions.

Origin: Ancient Greek, Latin



  • Leontios (Ancient Greek)
  • Leontius (Latinized Ancient Greek)
  • Leonius (Late Roman)
  • León (Spanish)
  • Leoncio (Spanish)
  • Léon (French)
  • Léo (French)
  • Léonce (French)
  • Levon (Armenian)
  • Leoš (Czech)
  • Leo (German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, English, Croatian, Late Roman)
  • Lionel (French, English)
  • Levan (Georgian)
  • Leone (Italian)
  • Leonzio (Italian)
  • Leonas (Lithuanian)
  • Leonti (Russian)
  • Leontiy (Russian)
  • Leonty (Russian)


Female form:

  • Leona (German, English)
  • Leola (English)
  • Leone (English)
  • Leontina (Italian, Late Roman)
  • Leontyne (English)
  • Leontine (German, English)
  • Léontine (French)
  • Léone (French)
  • Leonie (German, Dutch, English)
  • Léonie (French)
  • Leonia (Late Roman)


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