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Runa has several possible meanings and etymologies such as:

  • it is the Scandinavian feminine form of Rune, derived from Old Norse rún meaning “secret lore” which comes from Proto-Germanic *rūnō (whisper, murmur).
  • it’s also a Latin word meaning “dart” or “javelin”;
  • it’s also a Latvian word meaning “speech, delivery, talk”;
  • it’s also a Quechua word meaning “man, person, human being”;
  • Runa is also a Japanese female name with a variety of meanings depending on the kanji used such as “precious stone; gem; lapis lazuli + Nara; what?” (琉奈) or “precious stonel gem lapis lazuli + “moon; month” (); written in hiragana it’s るな
  • Runa is also a transliteration of Luna in Japanese written with the katakana ルナ; Luna is the Roman goddess of the moon;
  • Runa is also a Bengali female name although I couldn’t find out if it has any particular meaning in its language.

Origin: Proto-Germanic; Latin; Latvian; Quechua; Japanese



  • Rúna (Ancient Scandinavian, Icelandic)
  • Rune (English) u
  • Ruuna (Japanese)


Male forms:

  • Rune (Norwegian, Danish, Swedish) u
  • Rúni (Ancient Scandinavian, Faroese)


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