Ancient Germanic, Gaulish, Hare/Rabbit, Male, Surname names, Virtues/Attributes, W names, Word names


Warren comes from an English surname with a few possible origins:

  • it could be derived from Norman French warrene meaning “animal enclosure” or “game park” possibly originating from Gaulish *varenna (enclosed area) from *varros (stick, post);
  • it may also refer to someone who lived near a game park;
  • it may be derived from a town called La Varenne in Normandy, France;
  • it may also be derived from an ancient Germanic warin meaning “guard, protect”;
  • Warren is also a word referring to a colony of rabbit burrows.

Nicknames: War

Origin: Gaulish, Germanic



  • Warrin (English)
  • Warin (Ancient Germanic, English)
  • Guerino (Italian)
  • Guarin (Medieval French)
  • Guérin (French)


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