Amaya is a Basque and Spanish female name, a variant spelling of Amaia meaning “the end” in Basque, as well as a surname derived from a place name. Amaia is also a Greek name, used as an epithet for the goddess Demeter possibly meaning “without a midwife” or “not yet delivered” from prefix a- (without) and maia (mother, nurse, midwife, lady).

Amaya may also be derived from ama meaning “mother” with the suffix -ia referring to a place name, so the name may have the meaning of “mother city”.

It’s also a Japanese female name with a variety of meanings depending on the kanji used, such as:

  • “rain + night; evening” (雨夜), essentially meaning “rainy night” or “rainy evening”;
  • “rain + dart; arrow” ( 雨矢)
  • “Africa; flatter; fawn upon; corner; nook; recess + hemp; flax + all the more; increasingly” (阿麻弥);

It’s written with the hiragana あまや.

Amaya is also a Japanese surname with the kanji (also written with the hiragana あまや):

  • “heavens; sky; imperial + valley” (天谷);
  • “heavens; sky; imperial + home; house; residence; our house; my husband” (天宅);
  • “sweet; coax; pamper; be content; sugary + valley” (甘谷)

Origin: Basque, Japanese



  • Amaia (Basque)
  • Amaea (Greek)

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