Moria is a female given name with several etymologies and meanings:

  • it’s a the name of a Naiad nymph in Greek mythology whose brother Tylos was killed by a dragon, though she later brought him back to life with a magical herb. This myth is similar to the story of Pelops, who had been killed by his father Tantalus but was brought back to life by the Moirai, the three goddesses of fate. It appears this myth might have its origins in Lydian mythology; the name may be related to Ancient Greek moros meaning “fate, doom”. Moros is also the name of the personification of impending doom in Greek mythology, who drove men to their fated death and who not even Zeus could go against;
  • Moria is also the name of a type of olive tree which were considered the property of the state, a gift given from the goddess Athena to the people of Athens, so it’s possible the name also means “olive tree”;
  • it’s the name of an underground compound in J.R.R. Tolkien’s fictional world of Middle-Earth; it comes from his fictional language of Sindarin meaning “black chasm” or “black pit” from mor (black) and ia (void, abyss, pit);
  • it may also be a variant spelling of Moriah, the name of a mountain in the Book of Genesis in which Abraham is instructed to take his son Isaac and sacrifice him to God; the name possibly means “chosen by Yahweh” or “seen by Yahweh”;

Moria is also a Japanese female name with a variety of meanings depending on the kanji used such as:

  • “forest; woods + Asia; rank next; come after; -ous” (森亜);
  • “forest; woods + love; affection; favorite” (森愛);
  • “guard; protect; defend; obey + Asia; rank next; come after; -ous” (守亜);
  • “woods; grove + Asia; rank next; come after; -ous” (杜亜)

Origin: Ancient Greek, Sindarin, Hebrew, Japanese



  • Moriah (Hebrew, English)


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