Baylor comes from an English surname with several possible meanings:

  • either a variant spelling of Bailor, which comes from a legal term meaning “one who delivers goods”, referring to someone who transferred property to another person (bailee) for safekeeping, from Old French bailler (to deliver, hand over) ultimately derived from Latin bāiulus (one who bears a burden; porter, carrier);
  • it could also be a variant spelling of Beiler, a Germanic occupational name for someone who made measuring sticks or who inspected measuring sticks, which comes from Middle High German beile, beigel (measuring stick);
  • it may come from Middle High German beil meaning “barrel inspection”, an occupational name for someone who sealed barrels;
  • it could be an anglicized spelling of Böhler, also a Germanic surname derived from a locational name, referring to someone who came from a village callled Bohl, though it may also have come as a nickname for someone who was brave and bold;
  • Baylor could also be an elaborated form of bay, the name of a reddish-brown color used to refer to horses; it comes from Latin badius meaning “reddish-brown, chestnut) from Proto-Indo-European *badyo- (yellow, brown).

Nicknames: Bay

Origin: Latin, German, Proto-Indo-European



  • Bailor
  • Bayler


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