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Hippolyta is an Ancient Greek name, the Latinized form of Hippolyte, the feminine form of Hippolytos meaning “freer of horses” from Ancient Greek elements hippos (horse) and lytos (loosen, undone). In Greek mythology, Hippolyta was an Amazonian queen who possessed a magic girdle which was given to her by her father, the god Ares. It was one of the labors of Hercules to retrieve the girdle from Hippolyta, which he did by killing her. Hippolyta is also a character in Shakespeares’ A Midsummer’s Night Dream (1595/96).

Nicknames: Lyta

Origin: Ancient Greek



  • Hippolyte (Ancient Greek)


Male forms:

  • Hippolytos (Ancient Greek)
  • Hippolyte (French)
  • Ippolito (Italian)
  • Hipolit (Polish)
  • Hipólito (Spanish, Portuguese)
  • Ippolit (Russian)


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