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Melina may be an elaborated form of Greek meli meaning “honey” from PIE *mélit (honey) or it could be a variant form of Melissa, which also comes from Greek meaning “bee, honeybee” deriving from a PIE source; or it may be a variant of Melanie meaning “black, dark” from Greek melas from PIE *melh₂- (to grind, to crush). Melina is also a nickname for names ending in -melina such as Amelina (the Old Germanic form of Emmeline derived from Germanic amal meaning “work” in reference to the idea of industriousness and fertility) or Carmelina (the Italian diminutive of Carmela which is the Italian and Spanish form of Carmel meaning “garden, vineyard” from Hebrew karmel.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European, Germanic, Hebrew



1 thought on “Melina”

  1. It is such a graceful name. It used to really strike me in a negative way before I’ve become a bit more familiar with names in different cultures, because in Polish melina is a slang term for a place/house where people drink or do drugs, or any kind of a filthy, neglected and poor house. But now I’m much more familiar with this name and it’s actually grown on me a lot. I slightly prefer Melissa but Melina, in the right language and culture, sounds like a lovely, very graceful and girly, sweet name. And I really like the idea of it being a nn for Carmelina.


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