Amara is an Igbo female name meaning “grace” as well as being a feminine form of Amar, an Indian male name meaning “immortal”. Amara is also an Italian, surname, a variant of Amaro, which is an Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese surname of uncertain meaning. It may be derived from Arabic given name Omar meaning “flourishing, life” or Ammar “long-lived”, both of which derive from the same root. It may also be derived from Germanic name Amalric meaning “work, labor + power”, though it could also have come about as a nickname meaning “bitter”, “unlucky” or “disappointed” derived from Latin amarus (bitter, raw, sour) from an Proto-Indo-European root word.

Amara is also a Japanese female name meaning “heavens; sky; imperial + laugh” (天笑) though there may be other meanings depending on the kanji used.

Origin: Igbo, Indian, Arabic, Ancient Germanic, Proto-Indo-European, Japanese



Male forms:

  • Amar (Indian, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali)


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