Florence comes from Latin Florentius and its feminine form Florentia which is derived from Latin florens meaning “flourishing, prospering, blossoming” from flos (flower) which ultimately comes from the Proto-Indo-European toot word *bʰleh₃- (bloom, flower). Although Florence is commonly used as a girl’s name, it was also used as a boy’s name. Florence is also the capital of Tuscany as well as a surname derived from the given name.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European


Female forms:

  • Florentia (Late Roman)
  • Florencia (Spanish)
  • Fiorenza (Italian)
  • Floor (Dutch)
  • Florentine (French)
  • Florentina (Spanish, Late Roman)


Male forms:

  • Florentinus (Late Roman)
  • Florentius (Late Roman)
  • Florent (French)
  • Florentin (French)
  • Fiorenzo (Italian)
  • Florencio (Spanish, Portuguese)


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