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Graham comes from a Scottish surname originally derived from an English place name, Grantham. The second part of the name comes from Old English ham meaning “homestead) while the first part of the name is uncertain. It may be based on a personal name Granta meaning “Granta’s homestead”, Granta being a name of unknown meaning though it could be derived from Old English granian “to groan, lament, murmur” from Proto-Germanic *grīnaną “(to whine, howl, whimper) or it may be derived from Old English grennian “grin, to show teeth” which also comes from the same root word as granianGranta could also come from Old English meaning “gravel” meaning “gravelly homestead”. Graham is pronounced as either gram or gray-am.

Origin: Old English



  • Graeme (Scottish, English)
  • Grahame (Scottish, English)



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