Lita was originally used as a nickname for names ending in –lita such as Rosalita (Spanish diminutive of Rosa, the Latin form of Rose which derives from Latin rosa meaning “rose” via Greek rhodon (rose) which may ultimately be derived from Persian *wrda- (rose), though it may also derive from Proto-Indo-European *wṛdho- meaning “sweetbriar”. Rose was also originally the Norman form of Germanic names beginning with hrod meaning “fame”, originally spelled Rohese or Roese. Rose is also a short form of names like Rosamund, Rosaline or Rosalind, in which case the first part of the name comes from Germanic hros meaning “horse”); Lillita, an elaborated form of Lily; or Lilita, the Latvian form of Lilith which comes from Akkadian lilitu or lilatu meaning “night” though another possible source is Sumerian lil meaning “air”; Amelita (the Spanish diminutive of Amelia “work”; Angelita (the Spanish diminutive of Angela which comes from Ancient Greek angelos “messenger, angel”); Carmelita (Spanish diminutive of Carmel meaning “garden, vineyard” from Hebrew); Manuelita (Spanish diminutive of Manuela derived from Hebrew male name Emmanuel “God is with us”); or Hippolita (the English spelling of Hippolyta “freer of horses”).

Origin: Ancient Greek, Hebrew, Persian, Proto-Indo-European, Germanic, Akkadian, Sumerian





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