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Manuel is the Portuguese and Spanish form of Emmanuel, a  Hebrew male name meaning “God is with us”. It seems to have been brought over from the Byzantine empire, belonging to two Byzantine emperors. Manuel is also a surname originating from the given name.

Nicknames: Manny, Manu (German, French, Spanish, Finnish), Manolo (Spanish)

Origin: Hebrew



  • Emmanuel (Hebrew, English, French)
  • Emanuel (Portuguese, Romanian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German, Czech, Slovak, Croatian)
  • Manoel (Brazilian Portuguese)
  • Emanuele (Italian)
  • Manuele (Italian)
  • Manouel (Late Greek)
  • Imanol (Basque)
  • Immanuel (Hebrew, German)
  • Emmanouil (Greek)
  • Emmanouel (Biblical Greek)
  • Emmanuhel (Biblical Latin)
  • Manel (Catalan)
  • Emánuel (Hungarian)


Female forms:

  • Manuela (Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, German, Italian)
  • Manoela (Brazilian Portuguese)
  • Emmanuelle (French)
  • Emanuela (Italian)
  • Nelinha (Portuguese diminutive of Manuela)
  • Manuelita (Spanish diminutive of Manuela)
  • Manola (Spanish diminutive of Manuela)



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