Maris is a female name taken from Latin meaning “of the sea” from Latin mare (sea) derived from Proto-Italic *mari (sea) from Proto-Indo-European *móri (sea). It comes from the Latin title stella maris “star of the sea” used for the Virgin Mary. Maris may also come from Latin mās meaning “male”. Maris is also the name of an Etruscan god of agriculture and fertility, his name of unknown meaning, as well as featuring in Greek mythology as a brother of Atymnius.

Spelled Māris, it’s a Latvian male name, the Latvian form of Maurice meaning “dark skinned” derived from Ancient Greek mauros (black, dark). It was used to refer to those who had Moorish descent.

Maris is also a surname derived from Old French marais meaning “marsh”, referring to someone who lived near a marsh (also spelled Mares)

Origin: Proto-Indo-European, Latin, Etruscan, Ancient Greek




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