Albert comes from Germanic Adalbert meaning “noble bright” from Germanic elements adal (noble) derived from Proto-Germanic *aþalaz (noble) and and beraht (bright, famous) derived from Proto-Indo-European root word *bhereg- (to shine). Albert is also a surname derived from the given name.

Nicknames: Al, Albie, Bert, Bertie

Origin: Proto-Germanic, Proto-Indo-European



  • Adalbert (Ancient Germanic, German, Polish)
  • Adalberht (Ancient Germanic)
  • Albertus (Latin, Dutch)
  • Adelbert (German, Dutch)
  • Albrecht (German)
  • Aubert (French)
  • Æðelberht (Anglo-Saxon)
  • Æþelbeorht (Anglo-Saxon)
  • Alpertti (Finnish)
  • Altti (Finnish)
  • Alberte (Galician)
  • Adalberto (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian)
  • Alberto (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian)
  • Albaer (Limburgish)
  • Albertas (Lithuanian)


Female forms:

  • Alberta (English, Italian, Portuguese)
  • Bertina (English)
  • Alberte (French, Danish)
  • Albertine (French)
  • Albertina (Italian, Dutch, Portuguese)


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