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Jason is the name of the leader of the Argonauts in Greek mythology in search of the Golden Fleece which would help him win back the throne of Iolcus from his uncle Pelias, who had taken it from Jason’s father Aeson. Jason managed to get the Golden Fleece with the help of Medea, whom he later married, but he later became engaged to a princess of Corinth (known as Creusa and Glauce). In her anger, she sent a cursed wedding dress to Creusa, killed her two sons with Jason, and fled to Athens. Jason himself died lonely and unhappy. The name comes from Greek iasis meaning “healing, cure, remedy”.

Nicknames: Jace/Jase, Jay/Jae, Jayce

Origin: Greek



  • Iason (Ancient Greek)
  • Jayson (English)
  • Jaysen (English)
  • Jasen (English)
  • Jaison (English)
  • Jacen (English)


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