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Hector is the name of the Trojan hero, the son of King Priam and Queen Hecuba, and the husband of Andromache. He was the most beloved warrior in Troy and considered noble, virtuous, and dutiful. Hector was killed by Achilles and his body dragged around by a chariot (though his body was preserved by Apollo and Aphrodite), until Priam goes directly to Achilles and pleads to have his son’s body back for burial to which Achilles agrees. Soon after, Troy falls to the Greeks. Hector was also used as an epithet for Zeus as one who holds everything together. His name comes from Ancient Greek héktōr meaning “holding fast” derived from Proto-Indo-European *seǵʰ- (to hold, to overpower).

In Arthurian legends, Ector is the name of Arthur’s foster father growing up, and Lancelot has a half-brother named Ector de Maris. Hector is also a surname, derived from the given name, though it could also be an anglicized form of Gaelic Eachann, a given name meaning “brown horse” from Proto-Celtic *ekʷos (horse) derived from *h₁éḱwos (horse, stallion) and donn from Proto-Celtic *dusnos (brown) from Proto-Indo-European *dunnos- (dark).

Origin: Proto-Indo-European




  • Hektor (Greek)
  • Hèctor (Catalan)
  • Héctor (Spanish)
  • Heitor (Portuguese)
  • Ettore (Italian)
  • Ector (Arthurian mythology)
  • Ecktor (Arthurian mythology)


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