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Parley is an English word (also spelled parlay) meaning “to talk, to speak, to confer”, referring to a temporary truce between enemies. It derives from French parler (to speak, to talk) which comes from Latin parabola (comparison, likeness; parable) via Ancient Greek parabole (to set side by side). Parley is also an English surname derived from a place name meaning “pear field” or “pear meadow” which comes from Old English pere (pear) derived from Latim pirum (pear), it’s origin unknown though it seems to share the same origin as Ancient Greek apion, which also means “pear”; and leah (wood, clearing, meadow) which derives from Proto-Germanic *lauhaz (clearing; meadow) via Proto-Indo-European *lówkos (clearing), a cognate of Latin lucus (sacred grove)

Origin: Ancient Greek, Latin, Proto-Indo-European



  • Parlee (English)
  • Parleigh (English)
  • Parlie (English)



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