Sigmund is the name of a hero in Norse mythology, the son of King Völsung. When his sister Signy marries Siggeir, king of Gautland, a wedding feast is held and the god Odin appears disguised as an old beggar. He plunges a sword into a tree, Barnstokkr, which stands in the center of King Völsung’s hall, and whichever man is able to pull it free can keep it, and Sigmund is the only one able to pull it out. However, his brother-in-law Siggeir wants the sword for himself so he invites Sigmund, his father-in-law, and Sigmund’s nine brothers for a visit at his castle. He ambushes them, kills his father-in-law, and takes the brothers hostage, having his shapeshifting mother kill them one by one in the form of a wolf. Only Sigmund survives with the help of his sister Signy, with whom he has a son, Sinfjötli, and the  two eventually manage to kill Siggeir and avenge their family. Sigmund eventually marries Hjördís with whom he has a son, Sigurd, but Sigmund dies in battle against Odin, disguised as a beggar, and the sword he had pulled out of the tree shatters as a result. The names comes from Germanic elements sigu (victory) from Proto-Germanic *segaz (victory, triumph) from a Proto-Indo-European root word *seǵʰ- (to hold, overpower); and mund (protection) which comes from Proto-Germanic *mundō (hand; protection, security) derived from Proto-Indo-European *man- (hand; man, human being) so the name essentially means “victorious protector” or “protection through victory”.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Siegmund (German)
  • Sigismund (German, Ancient Germanic)
  • Sigimund (Ancient Germanic)
  • Sigmundr (Old Norse)
  • Zikmund (Czech)
  • Zsigmond (Hungarian)
  • Zygmunt (Polish)
  • Žigmund (Slovak)
  • Sigismondo (Italian)


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