B names, Emotion/Feelings, Female, Joy, Late Roman, Latin, Virtues/Attributes


Beatrix is a variant form of Viatrixthe feminine form of Viator meaning “voyager, traveler, wayfarer”. The name was later changed to resemble Latin beatus meaning “happy, blessed”.

Nicknames: Bea/Bee, Trix, Trixie

Origin: Latin



  • Beatrice (Italian, English, Swedish)
  • Béatrice (French)
  • Beatrise (Latvian)
  • Beatriu (Catalan)
  • Beatrycze (Polish)
  • Beatriz (Spanish, Portuguese)
  • Beitris (Scottish)
  • Betrys (Welsh)
  • Viatrix (Latin)


Male forms:

  • Viator (Latin)



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