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Evenor is the name of a character in Greek mythology, Evenor (or Euenor) and his wife Leucippe (Leukippe) who are autochthons, mortals who spring from the earth itself and are therefore tied to the very land itself. They have a daughter, Cleito (Kleito) who marries Poseidon and they have five pairs of twin sons, who ruled over the island of their birth called Atlantis, named after the oldest son Atlas. Evenor is also mentioned briefly in Homer’s Odyssey, whose son is one of Penelope‘s persistent suitors later killed by Telemachus, as well as belonging to a few minor figures in Greek history. The first element of the name comes from Ancient Greek eu meaning “good”.

Origin: Ancient Greek



  • Euenor (Ancient Greek)
  • Evanor (English)


Female forms:

  • Evenora (English)
  • Evanora (English)


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