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Clemency is the feminine form of Clement meaning “merciful, gentle”, deriving from Latin clemens (merciful, lenient, mild, gentle).

Origin: Latin



  • Clemence (English)
  • Clémence (French)
  • Clémentine (French)
  • Clementine (English)
  • Clementina (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Late Roman)
  • Clementia (Late Roman)
  • Klementina (Slovene, Croatian)
  • Klementyna (Polish)
  • Klimentina (Macedonian)
  • Clementa (Romanian, Spanish, Dutch, English)


Male forms:

  • Clement (English)
  • Klement (Czech, Slovak)
  • Kliment (Bulgarian, Macedonian, Russian, Ukrainian)
  • Climent (Catalan)
  • Clemens (Danish, Dutch, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Late Roman)
  • Klemens (Danish, German, Swedish, Polish)
  • Clément (French)
  • Kelemen (Hungarian)
  • Clemente (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese)
  • Clementius (Late Roman)



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