Kyler has two possible origins:

  • the first is that it’s a modern blend of names Kyle (a Scottish name meaning “narrows”, “strait”, “channel” though it may also be derived from Scottish Gaelic coille meaning “wood, forest) and Tyleran English occupational name for someone who nailed down tiles, which comes from Ancient Greek tégos (roof, cover) derived from Proto-Indo-European root word *(s)teg- “to cover”;
  • Kyler is also a surname of uncertain etymology with several different meanings such as:
  • an anglicized spelling of Dutch surname Cuyler meaning “archer”  or it may be derived from given name Nicholas meaning “victory of the people” derived from Ancient Greek;
  • it may also be derived from German surname Keiler meaning “wild boar”.

Nicknames: Ky

Origin: Scottish Gaelic, Proto-Indo-European, Dutch, Ancient Greek, German





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