Ancient Greek, C names, Female, Greek, Nature, Slavic, Somali, Virtues/Attributes, Word names


Caleen is a female given name though there wasn’t much I could find on it. It could be a variant form of Calina, a variant spelling of Kalina, a Slavic female name meaning “guelder rose” or “viburnum tree” (the guelder rose is the common name for the viburnum), though it may also be a variant form of Callie, a short form of Calista or Kallistofrom Ancient Greek element kalos meaning “beautiful”. Caleen is also a Somali word meaning “leaf”.

Nicknames: Callie/Cally/Cali, Leen//Lene

Origin: Slavic, Ancient Greek, Somali



  • Kaleen (English)
  • Caline (English)
  • Calina (English)
  • Kalina (Bulgarian, Macedonian, Polish)
  • Kalyna (Ukrainian)


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