Vina is an Indian and Indonesian female name meaning “lute” which comes from the Sanskrit word veena, which is also a word for the Indian stringed musical instrument. It derives from Proto-Indo-Iranian *wī́nā (lute). Vina is also a short form of names such as Davina (a feminine form of David meaning “beloved” from Hebrew), Alvina (a feminine form of Alvin meaning either “elf friend”, “noble friend”, or “old friend” from Old English elements), Malvina (a Gaelic name possibly meaning “smooth brow”, created by Scottish poet James Macpherson in the 18th century), or any name ending in Vina.

Vina is also a Spanish and Galician surname meaning “vineyard”, either an occupational name for someone who worked at a vineyard or a locational name for someone who lived near one. It derives from Latin vīnea (vineyard, grapevine) from vīnum (wine) which ultimately comes from a Proto-Indo-European root word.

Origin: Proto-Indo-Iranian, Proto-Indo-European, Hebrew, Old English, Gaelic



  • Veena (Indian, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil)


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