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Lane comes from an English surname meaning “lane, path”, originally used to refer to someone who lived near a lane as well as being an English word referring to a narrow path or passageway between walls, hedges, or fences. It comes from Old English lane, lanu meaning “lane, street” from Proto-Germanic *lanō perhaps derived from a Proto-Indo-European root. Lane is also an anglicized form of three Gaelic surnames:

  • Ó Laighin meaning “descendant of Laighean”, the latter a byname meaning “spear” or “javelin” (the name has also been anglicized as Lyons and Lyne);
  • Ó Luain meaning “descendant of Luan”, the latter a byname meaning “warrior”;
  • Ó Liatháin meaning “descendant of Liathán”, the latter a given name meaning “gray” from Old Irish liath.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European, Gaelic



  • Layne (English)
  • Layna (English) female



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