Kieran is the anglicized form of Ciarán, meaning “black, dark” from Irish Ciar with the diminutive suffix -an, so the name essentially means “little dark one”, likely in reference to someone who had dark hair.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Ciarán (Irish)
  • Ciaran (Irish, English)
  • Ciar (Irish)
  • Kieron (Irish, English)
  • Keiren (Irish)
  • Kyran (Irish, English)
  • Keiran (English)
  • Kiaran (English)
  • Kearran (English)


Female forms:

  • Kiera (Irish, English)
  • Ciara (Irish, English)
  • Keara (English)
  • Kiara (English)
  • Keira (English)
  • Kira (English)
  • Kyra (English)
  • Kiarra (English)
  • Kierra (English)
  • Kearran (English)


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