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Xena is a variant of Xenia, an Ancient Greek female name meaning “hospitality” from Greek xenos (foreigner, guest). In ancient Greece, xenia was the Greek concept of hospitality towards strangers or friends. It was even an important aspect to the Greek gods, one of the epithets accorded to the god Zeus being Zeus Xenios, the protector of guests and the patron of hospitality who will avenge any wrongdoing done to guests by their hosts. If anyone was ever a fan of a certain TV series in the 90s, than you’ll recognize it as the name of the warrior princess Xena: Warrior Princess (1995-2001). It was one of my favorite shows growing up.

Origin: Ancient Greek



  • Zena (English)
  • Zeena (English)
  • Xenia (Ancient Greek)
  • Zenia (English form of Xenia)
  • Oxana (Russian, Ukrainian)
  • Oksana ((Ukrainian, Russian)
  • Kseniya (Russian)
  • Aksinya (Russian)
  • Ksenija (Serbian, Croatian, Macedonian, Slovene)
  • Ksenia (Polish)
  • Senja (Finnish)



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