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Peregrine is the English form of Late Latin Peregrinus which means “traveler, foreigner” from Latin peregrē (foreign, abroad) made up from Latin per (through, by means of) deriving from Proto-Indo-European *per- (to go over); and ager (field, farm) also derived from Proto-Indo-European *h₂éǵros (field, pasturage). Peregrine is also a surname usually given to those who went on a pilgrimage so it also connotes the idea of a “pilgrim”. It’s also the name of the peregrine falcon which got its name because they were captured during their migration.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European


Male forms:

  • Peregrinus (Late Roman)
  • Pellegrino (Italian)
  • Pérégrin (French)
  • Peregrin (English, French)
  • Peregryn (English)
  • Peregrino (Spanish, Portuguese)


Female forms:

  • Peregrina (English, Spanish, Late Roman)


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