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Arnold comes from a Germanic name meaning “eagle power” from Germanic elements arn (eagle) derived from Proto-Germani *arô via Proto-Indo-European *h₃érō (eagle); and wald (power, leader, ruler) from Proto-Germanic *waldaną (to rule) also derived from Proto-Indo-European *h₂welh₁ (to rule; strong, powerful). It was used as a cognate of Anglo-Saxon name Earnweald also meaning “eagle power” from Old English elements earn (eagle) and weald (power, might) eventually replacing it. Arnold is also a surname derived from the given name.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Arend (Dutch, German)
  • Arnoud (Dutch)
  • Arnout (Dutch)
  • Arnau (Catalan)
  • Arnaud (French)
  • Arnaldo (Italian)
  • Arnt (Norwegian)
  • Arenvald (Old German)


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