Fulla (also known as Volla) is the name of a goddess in Norse mythology, a hand-maiden of Frigg. Her name is of uncertain origin and meaning. It may be related to Old Norse fullr meaning “full” and essentially meaning “bountiful”, derived from a Proto-Indo-European root word *pleh₁- (to fill); or from Old Norse fyl meaning “foal” derived from Proto-Germanic *fulją. Fulla is also a Catalan word meaning “leaf” from Old Provençal folha (leaf) from Late Latin folia, the plural of folium (leaf; petal; sheet of paper) deriving from Proto-Indo-European *bʰleh₃- (bloom, flower). It’s also a Swedish word meaning “full”. Fulla is also an Arabic female name referring to the Arabian jasmine flower.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European, Proto-Germanic, Arabic



  • Volla (Old Norse)
  • Fullah (Arabic)


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