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Korus could be a variant spelling of Chorus, a word referring to a group of people singing in unison. It comes from Latin chorus derived from Ancient Greek khorós meaning “ring dance, round dance; band, troop” perhaps derived from a Proto-Indo-European root word of uncertain meaning, perhaps from *gher- (1) (to enclose) or *gher- (2) (to like, want). Korus is also a Latvian word, the plural form of Koris meaning “chorus, choir”, as well as also being a plural form of Koru, a Maori name and word meaning “loop”, used to refer to a spiral shape based on the shape of an unfurling silver fern that symbolizes new life, strength, peace, and growth. It’s used in Maori art.

Korus is also a variant spelling of Corus, the name of a daemon (spirit) in Greek mythology who personified insolence, disdain, and surfeit whose name, fittingly, means “insolence, disdain, saturation”. Cōrus is also a variant form of Caurus which comes from Latin meaning “north-west wind” derived from PIE *kew-(e)ro- (north; north wind; rain shower); in Roman mythology, Caurus is the name of the Roman god of the north-west wind and belonged to the Anemoi, wind gods who were ascribed a cardinal direction and associated with specific seasons and weather conditions. 

Origin: Proto-Indo-European, Latvian, Maori, Ancient Greek




  • Caurus (Ancient Roman)
  • Chorus (English)
  • Corus (Ancient Greek)
  • Koros (Ancient Greek)


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