Raya is a female given name with a variety of origins and meanings such as:

  • it’s used as a short form of Rayna, either a Bulgarian form of Regina meaning “queen” or the feminine form of Rayno derived from Slavic rad meaning “happy, willing”;
  • Raya is also used as a Russian nickname for Raisa, a Russian name of unknown meaning though it may have been derived from Ancient Greek, perhaps related to Herais which may have been derived from Herathe name of the Greek goddess of marriage and women. Though the etymology behind the name is unclear, it has been associated with Greek heros “hero, warrior”; hora “time, season”; or haireo “to be chosen”;
  • Raya is also an Arabic female name perhaps meaning “thought, thinking, opinion, view” (رايا) which is related to Arabic root word (r-ʾ-y) ر ء ي meaning “to see”; it also means “flag, banner, standard” (راية);
  • Raya is also a Hebrew female name meaning “wife” (רעיה);
  • it also seems to be an Indian name and a place name thought I couldn’t find anything behind the name. If anyone knows anything please let me know;
  • raya/rayah is also a term used to refer to a member of a tax-paying lower class in Ottoman society and means “flock, herd, subject”;
  • it’s also a Spanish and Galician surname derived from a place name; it means “line” in Spanish in reference to a boundary or between two provinces or countries.

Raya is also a Japanese female name with a variety of meanings depending on the kanji used:

  • “orchid + night; evening” (蘭夜)
  • “gauze; thin silk + all the more; increasingly” (羅弥)
  • “gauze; thin silk + night; evening” (羅夜)

Written in hiragana it’s らや.

Origin: Latin, Slavic, Ancient Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, Spanish


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