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Senna is the name of a genus of flowering plants. The etymology derives from Arabic senna (سنا) which may be derived from ṣanʿā meaning “splendor, radiance, brilliance”. Senna is also a surname with various possible meanings and origins: it could be derived from a habitional name for someone who lived near a place where senna grew or perhaps derived as a metonymic occupational name for a herbalist. Senna may also be a feminine form of Senno, an Italian word meaning “judgment, sense, wise”. The word derives from Proto-Germanic *sennaną, (to feel; to consider, think about) from Proto-Indo-European *sent- (to feel).

Senna is also a Japanese female name with a variety of meanings depending on the kani used such as:

  • “madder; red dye + greens, vegetables; side dish” (茜菜);
  • “madder; red dye + Nara; what” (茜奈);
  • “hermit; wizard; cent + greens, vegetables; side dish” (仙菜);
  • “hermit; wizard; cent + Nara; what” (仙奈);
  • “thousand + greens, vegetables; side dish” (千菜);
  • “thousand + Nara; what” (千奈);
  • “fan (folding fan) + greens, vegetables; side dish” (扇菜);
  • “fan (folding fan) + Nara; what” (扇奈);
  • “spring; fountain + Nara; what” (泉奈);
  • “spring; fountain + greens, vegetables; side dish” (泉菜);
  • “speciality; exclusive + name; noted; distinguished; reputation” (専名);
  • “madder; red dye + drop; trickle; dripping” (茜雫);

Written in hiragana it’s せんな. There are likely other meanings depending on other kanji used.

Origin: Arabic, Proto-Indo-European, Japanese



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